3 Things That Make Trip Planning Easy


Looking back on middle-school years is cringeworthy.  See what you did and said makes wonder what was really going on those hormonal years.  That’s exactly how I feel about this blog post.  This post was originally published in 2017 which feels like decades ago and it makes sense now after reading it again, I was […]

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Looking back on middle-school years is cringeworthy.  See what you did and said makes wonder what was really going on those hormonal years.  That’s exactly how I feel about this blog post.  This post was originally published in 2017 which feels like decades ago and it makes sense now after reading it again, I was happy about taking kids on trips?!  Still wondering my frame of mind during this post ;). Regardless of that, there are three things that make trip planning easy.

The original blog post said and I quote ” Taking trips is exciting especially once you have kids.”  I mean if that was ever a definition of a new mom that would be it.

Taking trips with kids is WORK, often more work than being at home.  There’s a popular saying “It’s not a vacation, it’s a relocation.”  No truer words spoken.

Now, taking trips with kids isn’t a complete train wreck.  It’s definitely exciting exploring new places with them and seeing their excitement.

Taking a trip should be fun, not stressful.  Keep the madness away by using these items for your next trip.

1. Use A Packing Checklist

Using a packing list to check off makes trip planning easy.  There’s no “what am I forgetting” moments or running to the store last minute because you forgot something.

As someone who’s done both, I can say without question that using a checklist list makes it so much easier.  There have been plenty of moments especially with the smaller/weekend trips where I think to myself that I don’t need one because we’re not going to be gone that long.  Those are the moments where the extra trip to the store ends up happening.

This packing checklist is amazing.  It’s got 60, yes 60 pages where items can be checked off and the page can be thrown in the trash.  There are two things I absolutely love about this check list.  One, the number of pre-printed pages.  You don’t have to print out a printable every time or make a new list, it’s already there.  With the number of pages, it’ll last you awhile.  It’s great for families too because every person can have their own and nothing is forgotten.

Having an organized closet is the best and easiest way to pack for a trip.  You’ll be able to see everything you have and not wonder where something is.  Plus, you won’t have to go buy an outfit because there will be plenty to choose from.

That being said, do NOT organize your closet right before a trip or during packing.  It’ll send you into a complete tailspin.  Plan to do it well or after the trip.

trip planning

The second thing about this checklist I love is the size of the pages, 6×9.  It’s not a full sheet of paper which for whatever reason makes it more manageable.  I know, some things just don’t make any sense.

2. Using Packing Cubes

You heard it right here, use packing cubes.  These will one-hundred percent make trip planning easier because you’ll be able to get your luggage packed correctly.

I will be the first to admit, I was completely skeptical of them and would find myself often saying “do they really make that big of a difference?” Yes, yes they do.

They consolidate your clothes and maximize every single of your suitcase.  Plus, the cubes come with a laundry bag which is always helpful to have on a trip.

trip planning

3. A Plan For Food/Snacks

If you have children, you completely understand what life is like when a child is hungry.  While planning out meals for the entire trip might be hard to do, having a general idea of where or what to eat will prevent those meltdown moments.

Having plenty of snacks on hand is always a good thing.  Plus, you’re not getting ripped off at the airport if you are traveling by plane.

These three things make trip planning a thousand times easier and also make a trip more enjoyable.  Think about the times a trip stressed you out, chances are things could’ve been more organized.

Here are a few additional items that work great on trips:

Storage Bin

A clear storage tote makes taking a trip easier.  This only works if you are traveling by car. This can be used for a variety of things, in our case we’ve used it toys.

It’s come in handy when being at an AirBnB when there wasn’t much for them to do.  After the kids would go to bed, it easy to cleanup because all we had to do was throw the toys in the bin.  We didn’t have to search the house for toys either because we kept them in the same place.  Big time saver.


We bring our Bose speaker with us almost everywhere we go.  Having our speaker with us has saved us trying to figure out the stereo systems in the rentals we’ve stayed at.  Music is such a great way to connect with one another, especially on trips.

Final Thoughts

Simplicity is the ultimate form of organization.  All of these items do exactly that, they keep you organized, calm and ready to enjoy your next trip.  Get ready.



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