How To Organize Your Cords and Keep Them Tangle-Free


Do you have a drawer full of tangled cords and cables? It can be frustrating to sort through a mess of cords just to find the one you need. Fortunately, there are some simple tips that can make organizing cords a breeze. With a little effort, you can say goodbye to tangled cords for good! […]

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Do you have a drawer full of tangled cords and cables? It can be frustrating to sort through a mess of cords just to find the one you need. Fortunately, there are some simple tips that can make organizing cords a breeze. With a little effort, you can say goodbye to tangled cords for good!

If there ever was a nemesis for organizing, mine would be tangled cords.  It absolutely drives me up a wall when cords are tangled and missing.  There’s really nothing aesthetically appealing about cords, they are an eye-sore.  Thankfully, there are cord organizers that exist making them look a bit more appealing.

In our ever-digital world, cords aren’t going anywhere.  Having a solid system in place will make them easy to find and less likely to lose.

Gather All Your Cords and Identify Them

The first step in organizing your cords is to gather them all in one place and identify them. This means taking all of your cords out of drawers, bags, and other storage areas and laying them out on a flat surface.
Once you have them all in one place, you can start to sort through them and identify what each cord is for. This will make it easier to organize them and ensure that you can find the cord you need when you need it.
After all the cords are gathered, start by separating them into categories based on their purpose. For example, you might have a pile for charging cords, a pile for computer cords, and a pile for audio/video cords.  Use Post-it notes, for now, to keep the piles separated.  
organizing cords

Determine the location of the organizers

The majority of cords are stored in the drawer.  After figuring out where they will be located, measure the drawer.  Once you have your dimensions then you can figure out what organizers make the most sense.

The Container Store has a tool in its app where you can organize your drawer based on the dimensions and then choose the products you prefer.  Using this tool allows you to play around with the different size organizers to best fit what you have.

organizing cords

Use cord organizers and ties to keep cords in place

Nobody has time for a tangled cord.  Cord organizers and ties are a great way to keep your cords in place and prevent them from getting tangled.
You can use zip ties, Velcro ties, rubberbands, or even twist ties to bundle your cords together. If you plan to keep more than one cord in a bin, using ties will be vital as this will prevent them from becoming twisted.
When determining the best solution to keep the cord together, think about what will be easiest for you.  Will a velcro tie be easier than using a rubberband?  Choose the solution that will have the least amount of resistance.
You can also use cord clips or holders to keep your cords in place and prevent them from slipping off your desk or table. These organizers and ties are inexpensive and can be found at most office supply stores or online retailers.

drawer organizer for cords

Choosing the right drawer organizers

There are a plethora of drawer organizers, from bamboo to clear to white to drawer dividers, the list goes on and on.  The first thing you need to figure out is your budget, what are you willing to spend?  Then, determine what style you like best.

How it looks matters because if you don’t like what you are looking at, it’ll irritate you.  When that happens you definitely won’t be putting them back where they belong and will be back at square one before you know it.

Some cord organizers have smaller compartments allowing you to keep one cord per slot.  This gives you the freedom of not having to velcro tie them.  It makes them easier to get and store when done.

This list of drawer organizers works great for organizing cords and keeping them tangle-free.

Acrylic Cord Organizer Box – This slim box can fit up to 8 cords and works best for smartphone cords or headphones.  The hinged lid makes this organizer easily portable.  It also allows you to store items on top of it, optimizing space.

5 Compartment Bins – This 5-pack of drawer organizers comes in two different colors, white and black.  The compartments of each organizer keep cords neat and tidy.

Drawer Divider with Inserts – These organizers maximize drawer space and allow you to customize the compartments for your liking.

Brightroom Drawer Organizers – These organizers are the best budget-friendly option.  They come in a 3-pack for $2. They come in a few different sizes and let you play the adult version of Tetris.

*affiliate links are used.  We may receive a small kickback if you purchase the product.  The recommended products are ones we have used and brands we trust.

drawer divider with inserts

Organizing cords with labels

The last and most important step when organizing cords or anything for that matter is labeling.  Labels keep things going back to the right places.  They are rules to the road, in this case, the drawer.

There are a handful of ways to label.  You can use a label maker, your own handwriting, or a Cricut machine. Whichever method you decide to go with make sure you like the font.

I prefer a font that is crisp, clean, and easy to read.  Cursive writing is nice but it frustrates my brain, the ADHD in me needs less confusion.

Final thoughts

Searching for cords is annoying, nobody has time for that.  Same with untangling cords, it’s a waste of energy.  We can all agree we have better things to do than that.

Having a good system in place that keeps them neat and tidy keeps you on the winning side, a place where we want to be.


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