6 Home Tips To Get You Organized


Do you ever feel like you’re running around with your head cut off and it just doesn’t stop? I know I do and I love to organize. Life can get overwhelming, especially if you are a full-time working mom.  The madness never stops.  While it might seem impossible to get organized, these simple home tips […]

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Do you ever feel like you’re running around with your head cut off and it just doesn’t stop? I know I do and I love to organize. Life can get overwhelming, especially if you are a full-time working mom.  The madness never stops.  While it might seem impossible to get organized, these simple home tips make being organized easier than you think.

6 Home Tips

6 Home Tips To Get You Organized

Set the coffee maker the night before

This small task will make things much easier in the morning.  Many coffee makers have a program setting where you can have coffee set to be made at a certain time.  Set the coffee maker while you are cleaning up after dinner.

Make it a part of your routine so it becomes an easy task.  Mornings are hectic, this simple habit will make things running smoother.

We started doing this a few months ago and it’s so refreshing coming downstairs with a pot of coffee already waiting for you.


Utilize shelves and bins to keep toys organized

If you have kids, there’s a good chance your home feels like a toy store.  Keeping toys organized doesn’t have to be complicated.  A simple shelf with bins makes the task easy to manage.

Shelves add space, which is usually needed with toys because of their unique shapes.  Most toys aren’t all the same size like our clothing so it makes it a bit more challenging to get them organized.

Utilize matching bins to create cohesiveness.  With the variety of shapes, sizes, and colors your brain it bound to get filled with clutter whether you realize it or not.  Matching bins helps eliminate the clutter and chaos.

Use open bins as they make picking up easy to do.  Plus, you can pile items in there rather than having to make them fit with a lid.

Make it a family event and set a timer to see if you can get the toys all picked up before the buzzer goes off.

basketweave binOrigami shelf









Have a visual calendar

We live in a digital world however having a calendar you can see without having to look at your phone will keep you organized. You are able to quickly access it with just a glance.

There have plenty of times where I’ve completely forgotten an event is coming up even though it was on my phone.  We started putting everything on a dry erase calendar and it makes it much easier to manage all of the activities, even if they change.

Color code the calendar by family member or by categories such as practice, games, birthdays, etc.  If you have kids, this helps them too because they can see what activities they have coming up.

A visual calendar keeps everyone on the same page.

Use a charging station for all electronics

Smartphones, tablets, computers, you name it.  Most homes have type of electronic and the number per person keeps growing.  Almost 85% of households have at least one smartphone.

Have a central hub where it is easy to manage and keep all the devices together.  Keeping them all in one spot also helps you manage screen time if you have kids because you’ll know where their devices are.

Charging stations also help contain the madness of cords and help make them look less cluttered.

Create an easy system to manage paper

Paper is one of the most challenging problems people face when getting organized.  It’s the one area where I’m asked the most on how to organize it.

There are a variety of organizing tools out there that can get you organized.  First, you can use wall organizers to sort mail and important papers.  Using wall organizers keeps piles from building up on the counter.

You can also use a binder with tab folders.   Using a binder makes it easy to keep everything organized in one location.  Plus it’s portable, so you can move it around if you need too.


The last option is to use a filing system such as a file accordion or a file cabinet.  These type of systems  allow you to organize quite a bit of paper in one location.  File accordions are portable where as filing cabinets are more permanent solution, usually require more space.


If you are having trouble deciding which system to use, here are some tips:

  • Choose a solution that you enjoy looking at, if it’s not appealing to the eye, you’ll be less likely to use it.  Which solution do you enjoy looking at?
  • Pick a solution that’s easy for you.  What system will make your life easier?
  • Choose a solution based on where you’ll be able to place it.  Where in your home will this be located?

Whatever system you decide to go with, make sure you label the tabs.  Labels help keep everything neatly contained and make it easier to manage.  Limit labels to one word per tab for less confusion.

Have a catchall bin for miscellaneous items

Use a bowl or bin for all the random items that end up in your home because let’s face it, it happens.  Whether it’s something that ended up in your purse or it came downstairs from another room.  Stuff moves from room-to-room.

Having a catchall area makes it easier to stay organized.  You’re less likely to be scattered.  When you have multiple items that need to be put away, it’s easier to put them in a bowl or bin and put them all away at one time.  It’s easier to batch process the miscellaneous items in your house when you fill up a bin.

Choose a bin that’s pretty and can easily sit on a countertop.


These six easy steps can get you organized in no time and the feeling of overwhelm will diminish and you will find yourself more productive and efficient.  Start with just one item on this list and you will be on your way.  It’s the small things day-to-day make a difference.

*affiliate links are used in this post which means I may receive a commission if you purchase the product.  The links are no additional charge to you and I only recommend products that would be beneficial to you.  If you’re bored, you can read the full disclosure here 😉


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  1. Carissa Anderson says:

    I like these! These are things I feel I can actually do without pulling my hair out, and still making my life simpler. I am one of those people who do not need the coffee (well, I think I need something but coffee does the opposite for me that it does for others. Sad, I know). I definitely want to look into Gobble now. Gotta see if my budget allows something like this, hopefully in the near future because it would help out so much! Thanks for your tips!

  2. Christina says:

    I use my apps and paper planner too! I use the Plum Paper ME planner but I still make some tweaks. As you said it is hard to find the right planner. I love seeing other planners, can’t wait to see your setup!

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