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The Garage. It’s a love, hate relationship.  It’s great having one because you can park your car and store many items.  On the flip side, it’s the place where everything goes and becomes one big mess.  Having a good system in place will prevent that pileup and will have you loving your garage once again. […]

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The Garage. It’s a love, hate relationship.  It’s great having one because you can park your car and store many items.  On the flip side, it’s the place where everything goes and becomes one big mess.  Having a good system in place will prevent that pileup and will have you loving your garage once again.  Here’s how to organize the garage.

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Make A Plan

When it comes to organizing the garage, having a plan is very important.  It’s likely the largest project you will tackle in your home.  Trying to wing it will leave you frustrated and ultimately give up, which is not what we want to happen.  The garage is a project that will take some time, plan for at least a few days to a week.  Include the removal of items in your plan as these items typically are larger.

There are a few items you’ll want to have on hand before you get started:

  1. Garbage bags Being able to toss items quickly as you go through them will keep the momentum going, have more than you think you’ll need.
  2. Post-Its- Use these to create categories as you go through items.  The sticky part of the note-pad will come in handy as they don’t move around like paper would.

Take It All Out

Once you have the plan in place and are ready to start, the first thing you’ll want to do is take it all out, every single thing.  This will give you the opportunity to see what you have and give you a chance to start with a clean slate.  It’ll also allow you to visualize how you want it to look.

Create Zones

As you start going everything, you want to create zones to see what you have.  Zones are critical to getting and staying organized.  Keeping similar items together prevents them from getting lost.  Endless searches will be a thing of the past once you start keeping like items in the same area.  Some common zones for the garage:

  • Garden
  • Sports
  • Holidays
  • Camping
  • Grill
  • Pool Toys

Measure The Area

Once everything has been sorted through and you know what you are keeping, you’ll want to measure the area.  Knowing the dimensions will help you with product selection.

Shop For Products

After you have dimensions, it’s time to shop!  The first place you’ll want to shop is your home.  Gather up any unused bins.  There are a few garage storage systems to consider if you don’t have anything in there:

  1. Freestanding shelves– Shelving is a game changer for the garage, it creates more space and keeps everything visible. Freestanding shelves typically are more cost effective than built-in shelves.
  2. Storage bins- Large storage bins work great in the garage because they can store multiple items of various sizes.  Closed storage bins with lids allow for  stacking while stackable storage allow for  tossing  items  quickly  into the bin.  The downside to stackable bins is item can get dirty.
  3. Sports Organizers- Gear for sports comes in all shapes and sizes making it challenging to organize, thankfully there are a handful of organizers that will keep all the gear organized in one location. Keeping everything in one location makes it easy-to-find when you’re running out the door to get to practice.
  4. Bike Racks-  Another bulky item for the garage, bikes.  Having a solid system in place for bikes will make them easy-to-store and free up space when they aren’t being used.


The last and most important step is to label.  This will keep things going back to the right places.  You’ve done all of this amazing work and adding labels will be the key to success.  Think of them as the directions to your garage, everyone will know where to find things.  When labeling, use one to two-words max, this will limit the confusion.

There are a handful of ways to label items, the most important thing is to keep the label consistent.  Use the same color and font, this will provide cohesiveness.  One of the best label makers out there is the P-Touch Brother.  This label maker comes loaded with multiple fonts and designs to customize it to your liking which is extremely important.

Another way to label is by using a Sharpie oil-based paint marker on label tape.  This type of labeling allows you to create bigger labels.

how to organize the garage


That my friends is how to organize the garage.  Following these steps and establishing a great system will set you up for lasting success.

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