How To Organize With Limited Space


A common problem many people run into when organizing is they don’t have enough space, even if they’ve Marie Kondoed their home.  The best place to start is by going vertical, looking at the walls and areas where you stack things.  Here’s how to organize with limited space. When you are renting an apartment or […]

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A common problem many people run into when organizing is they don’t have enough space, even if they’ve Marie Kondoed their home.  The best place to start is by going vertical, looking at the walls and areas where you stack things.  Here’s how to organize with limited space.

When you are renting an apartment or home, you want to make it your own as much as possible while minimizing any repairs that need to happen before moving.  Home is where the heart is, we love coming home after a long day at work or being on a trip and just relaxing.  Your home should bring you joy and if it’s not organized, it’s not bringing you joy.

1. Add a shelf

limited space

Shelves are an easy way to create more space, since they tend to be vertical it creates room for more storage. Bookcase shelves can be used in the den, bedroom, or office.

When picking out a shelf, think carefully of how you want that space to look and chose the shelf that will best fit. Be sure it’s appealing to your eye because you’ll likely be using it often.

Many shelves also come with wheels making it easy to move around your house.

Here are a few of shelves that can create more space when it’s limited:

Utility shelf. This heavy duty shelf is perfect for the garage. Use to keep storage bins neatly organized and easy to access. Garages typically don’t come with built-in closets that homes do so these shelves are a must for the garage.

Bookcase shelf. Obviously organizing books is one of the ways you can use this bookshelf. You can also put bins on the shelf to keep toys neatly organized or display home decor with picture frames.

2. Utilize door space

limited space

The door is great space to use to get organized when space is limited.

The Elfa system. was designed specifically for the door.  This system is great and can be used so many different ways.

The beauty of the system is it’s completely customizable, meaning you can fit it exactly to what you need.

There are two different styles and three sizes of bins. You can chose the mesh style or wire style. The mesh style is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, or toys. The wire is perfect for the pantry or gift wrapping.

The size of the bins available are small, medium, and large.

There is a utility board that can be added for items that aren’t ideal for the bins. This would be useful for jewelry, measuring cups and spoons, kitchen towels, blow dryers and curling irons.

There is an interactive tool online through the Container Store that you can use to figure out which bins you might need.

To give you an idea of what can fit in the bins, here is what’s been able to fit in our bins.

Small bin: Bathroom items such as face wash, deodorant, hair products. Kitchen items like spices.

Medium bin: Makeup bag, contact solution, cotton balls.

Large bin: Mouthwash (Kirkland brand, it does fit in the medium bin too, however in the large bin they don’t take up as much space because they can be stored vertically. The blow dryer fits in the large bin too but we stored it up on the hooks. Kids bath toys fit nicely in here too.

3. Use stacking bins

limited space

Stacking bins create more space because you are stacking them vertically.  They give you a great visual representation of everything.  Labeling each bin helps you identify quickly what you need.

Matching bins creates a uniform look and feel, helping you stay motivated to keep it that way.

limited space

Here are a few stacking bins that can create more space:

Stacking bins:  Pegs are available for these bins that allow you to create more space.  They also can be stacked neatly without them and allow you to grab-and-go.  There are three sizes available: small, medium, and large.

The ergonomics of these bins makes it easy to reach in for what you need and put it back quickly.  Use them in the garage, under-the-sink, pantry, bathroom, or playroom.

Basketweave storage bin: These bins can hold a variety of items such as toys, towels, sports equipment and bed linens.

Multi-purpose bin:  The clear bin allows you to see what’s in there.  They stack neatly giving you and organized look and feel.  The handles make the bin user friendly.

4. Use cube organizers

cube organizer

Cube organizers add style, function, and space to a room.  The square cubes add structure, helping keep items neatly contained.  You can add cube organizers of any design to fit the look you are going for.  If the cube organizer is going in the playroom, you can add fabric bins with or without designs for a playful scene.

Wicker bins work great if the organizer is going in the office, den, or bedroom.

The top of cube organizers add another layer of space where you can add design elements or bins.

5. Hang items on hookscommand center

Last, certainly not least are to use hooks.  There are limitless combinations of how you can utilize hooks.

3M Command Hooks:  They require no hardware or drilling into the walls which is nice if you are renting or just don’t want to put holes in the walls.  There is a large assortment of command hooks that can hang anything from kitchen utensils to artwork.

The above photo is using command hooks for the kid’s jackets and also to hang the command center components.

Over-the-door hooks:  Another scenario where you don’t have to drill into the wall and can get effortlessly organized with what you already have.

Wall hooks:  Mounted hooks allow you to hang heavier items on them.  These work great for handbags, backpacks, and jackets.

Floor hooks:  These hooks work great for an entryway, bedroom, or bathroom.


Look at your walls and doors to see where you can add organizers.  Figure out the area of your home that’s been driving you the craziest, use one of these options and get it organized.

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