Marie Kondo Method: Does It Work?


The world has been taken over by the Marie Kondo Method.  In the summer of 2015 is when Pinterest was full of pins of people talking about this method and how it changed their life.  Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was a hot topic.  Fast forward a few years later and her […]

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The world has been taken over by the Marie Kondo Method.  In the summer of 2015 is when Pinterest was full of pins of people talking about this method and how it changed their life.  Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was a hot topic.  Fast forward a few years later and her decluttering and organizing method became a popular Netflix series.  Konmari has become a way of life for some but does it really work?  I’m sharing my thoughts and how it can help you.

marie kondo method



Many people struggle to stay organized.  Organizing is a habit, you have to train the muscle to get better at it.  It’s just like saving money.  If you want to save money, you have to practice at is constantly.  Doing it once, isn’t going to give you the results you want.

Creating new habits and breaking old habits is hard.  It’s why many fail at their New Year’s Resolutions.  Getting organizing starts out as a project and becomes a practice because you have to maintain it in order to succeed.

Sparking Joy

The Marie Kondo method has struck a chord with many people for a few reasons.  The first one is it’s unique, her method of “does it spark joy?” had never been used.  The phrase “do you love it?” is frequently used, “does it spark joy?” wasn’t used a lot until now.

Let’s breakdown that phrase.  The word spark is defined as an ignited or fiery particle such as thrown off by burning wood or produced by one hard body striking against another (source: dictionary).  When I think of the word spark, it lights me up and motivates me to want to do something.

The word joy is defined as the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation (source: dictionary).

As you can see the definition of these two individual words are powerful.  When you put them together, they are they are exceptional, which is why they have resonated well with many people.

Another reason why many have fell in love with the Marie Kondo method is she has pointed out being grateful for what you already have.

We live in a consumption based society where we love to have things, which I don’t think is necessarily bad.  However, learning to be grateful what you do have is powerful.  It changes your mindset on how to be thankful for what you do have.

I read her book a few summers ago and implemented what she suggests.  Here’s what worked and didn’t work for us.

What Worked

Spark Joy: 

As previously mentioned, this phrase is extremely powerful.  It has helped out in many places in our home when deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.

One area that it really helped me was deciding what baby clothes to hang onto for our kids.  Baby clothes are something that’s really hard for me to get rid of, I want to keep them all so they can pass them onto their children.  If I kept at the pace I was going at, there would be storage bins full of clothes in our garage.  Having five bins full of clothes for each kid makes no sense and just takes up space.

Asking myself if a particular piece of clothing or blanket “sparked joy” was a game changer when deciding what to keep.  It lit a fire in me when I asked myself those question and that’s exactly how I knew what to keep and what needed to go.

Folding Method:

Her folding method of storing clothes vertically really does work well.  You are able to see things much clearer and more space is created by using this method.  I have found that when there aren’t very many clothes in the drawer, the vertical storage doesn’t hold up as well but it’s still better than horizontal storage.

What Didn’t Work

Shoebox Method:

She says to use a shoebox to empty your handbag items out in it everyday.  The initial thought of this sounded really good because you would clear out your bag everyday. Have you ever forgotten something that was in your bag?  I have, so I thought this was going to be a great method but it didn’t work as well as I anticipated.

Emptying out the items everyday was easy, the difficult part was deciding what to put back in there the next day.  Some days things were needed and other days they weren’t and of course the days the items were needed, they weren’t in there.  It was a constant struggle that also required additional space to keep items stored.

The other suggestion was to use shoebox lids to keep drawers organized.  The problem with shoe boxes is they get dirty and cleaning them is hard to do versus using an acrylic drawer organizer.

Also, we don’t buy the same type of shoes from the same brands so the boxes didn’t match.  Consistency is key when getting and staying organized.  Shoeboxes didn’t provide that cohesive, organized look and feel.

Talking to Items: 

She talks about talking to your household items, like your chair, picture, etc.  It was like a kid talking to a stuffed animal or Tom Hanks in Casper.  It was a bit too much.

What it did teach me though to be more appreciative and grateful for the things we do have.  When you are truly grateful for what you already have, you are living an abundant life.

Color coding:

She states to arrange your clothes from light to dark. Something always felt off in the closet with this method. Ultimately we went back to the rainbow method.

marie kondo method

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The Marie Kondo method is a great place to start when you need to get started organizing.  You will learn how to get rid of the items that are no longer serving you and your family.  Being organized truly brings peace of mind.  Clear the clutter and start decluttering today.

Have you tried the Konmari Method?

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