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Nobody wants to shop for bins if they don't have too.  Skip the guesswork of what to buy and get it straight from the pro.

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Not all product is created equal.  You want the best products for the best price.

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How To Organize That Space

Every project has the same steps.  Empty, Sort, Purge, Organize, and Label.  Following these steps for each project will set you up for long-term success.

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How To Create Functional Solutions

Spaces that don't function well will drive you crazy.  Each storefront shows multiple solutions to get any space organized and keep it that way.

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I'm Marie, your new organizing bff.

You're tired of arguing with your spouse and kids about where things are.  It's not easy to get to things and you're frustrated.  As a professional organizer in Charlotte NC, I get it and that's where I can help and save you your sanity.

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At Organized Marie, we value honesty, integrity, and teamwork.  We know two heads are better than one and doing what we say we're going to do matters.  Our goal is to always serve our customers at the highest level by providing exceptional organizing solutions with the right products.

My superpower is helping people organize their homes with functional solutions so they can experience peace, joy and happiness.

- Kelley

"Marie is INRECDIBLE!!! She quickly mapped out what was needed and now we have a functional space for our family."

Five Stars:

- blanca

"Amazing job! Could not have even imagined my girls room looking this great and organized.  They even love it."

Five Stars:

- Britney

"Could not be more thrilled with the magic Marie worked on my closet!  Marie is a machine and a delightful one at that."

Five Stars:

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Steal My Steps To Organize Any Space

It's a whole lot easier to do something when you have a guide telling you what to do.  Snag this free pdf to get you started.