The Ultimate Guide to Stackable Bin Storage Solutions


If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective and space-saving storage solution, then stackable bin storage is for you! This ultimate guide will give you all the information you need to know about these storage systems and how they can help keep your home organized. **affiliate links are used throughout this post, we may receive a […]

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If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective and space-saving storage solution, then stackable bin storage is for you! This ultimate guide will give you all the information you need to know about these storage systems and how they can help keep your home organized.

**affiliate links are used throughout this post, we may receive a commission if you purchased the product. We only recommend products we trust and use.

Use Stacking Storage Bins to Maximize Space Utilization

One of the greatest advantages of stackable bins is their ability to maximize space utilization. The convenience of being able to access your items without having to search through a large cabinet or cupboard makes them an ideal storage solution.

Places that make sense for stackable bin storage: medicine cabinet, pantry, closet, playroom, and garage.

No two spaces are alike.  When selecting bins, it’s important to know the dimensions and what items will go in there.  Items in the bottom bin need to be smaller than the stacked bin for everything to fit.

When it comes to selecting bins, thinking outside of the box helps.  For example, some bins are labeled as a ‘sweater bin’ or ‘recycling bin’ and can be used in other places such as the playroom.

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets have items that come in all different shapes and sizes.  Stackable bin storage works really well in cabinets because they keep items accessible and visible.

These 10″ bins from The Home Edit line are the perfect fit.  Stacking these bins allowed majority of the medicine cabinet items to be all on the same row which was the goal.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to access the items in there without having to remove the top bin.  That is something to keep in mind when creating a system with stackable bins.  Two questions to ask yourself:

  1. Can you reach the bottom items without having to remove the top bin?
  2. Does your hand fit in the bin easily?

Functional organization is about minimizing the steps needed to get the item you want.  If a bin has to be removed, it defeats the purpose.

Likewise with your hand fitting in there.  Hands come in all different shapes and sizes, mens hands tend to be larger than women’s.  If a bin has to be moved because your hand doesn’t fit, it’s not the right solution.

medicine cabinet organizer


Knowing your dimensions is extremely important when selecting stackable bin storage.  The medicine cabinet bins were 10″ deep, these bamboo bins are 14″ deep.  The shelf is 16″ deep.  If we had chosen the clear bins, 6″ of space would’ve been wasted.

We placed the rice and snacks on the bottom bins because they could lay flat.  The pouches stand vertical surpassing the height of the bin making them a good fit for the top bin.

These Manhattan stackable bin storage containers came in handy for this narrow and deep pantry that did not have adjustable shelves.

The large front opening makes it easy to get what is needed without having to move around items.

The top shelf of this pantry had a lot of wasted space.  We utilized the wide-open front bin from the Manhattan line.  These stackable bin storage containers are one of the only ones of this size that are clear and a decent price.

This pantry had a number of large items, large items require bigger bins.

stackable bin storage


If there is anything professional organizers agree on is that under-sink storage is prime real estate. Stackable bin storage containers are the way to go under-the-sink.  It optimizes space by working around the piping and making cleaners accessible.

The Linus stackable storage bins work great for this type of space.  Under-sink storage runs into challenges because of the garbage disposer and piping. These bins work really well here because of the depth, they are 8.5″ deep.

The open front is completely accessible versus The Home Edit bins where there is two issues of plastic covering the front on each side.  That being said, these bins wouldn’t fit well for the medicine cabinet because of the depth, The Home Edit line adds 1.5″. It might not seem like that much but in tight spaces it matters.

A similar configuration was used for this under-sink storage.  The biggest difference between these two is the location of the garbage disposer.

Both scenarios show the importance of taking items out of the packaging such as the dishwasher tablets and trash bags.  The spray cleaners work well with the wide bin as they fit like a glove.

stackable bin storage

Bamboo continues to rise in the organizing world because of it’s sustainability.  These bamboo bins not only stack but have a divider option available.

Dividers in bins are like street lines on the road, they keep things in their own lane. When things are in their own lane, they stay neat and tidy.  Imagine we didn’t have lines on the road, it would be a train wreck.



The best stackable bin storage for the closet is hands down these sweater bins from The Container store.  These bins are sturdy, beautifully designed and extremely functional.

The front of the bin is completely open making it easy to access the sweater in need.  When it comes to organizing anything, the goal is to have as few steps as possible to get the needed item.  These bins achieve that goal.

While the bin is labeled as a ‘sweater bin’ , it works great for bulkier clothing such as sweatshirts and jeans.

stackable bin storage

Hanging vs. folding, the ultimate debate.  What it really comes down to is personal preference and the space available.  Underutilized hanging space can be maximized by using these stackable bins.

A combination of the shirt and sweater bins maximized space while keeping things neat and tidy.

organizing a small closet

Not only do these stackable sweater bins work great on solid shelves they’re a slam dunk with wire shelves.  You can win the war with the builder grade shelving.

stackable storage bin

Last but not least from this sweater and shirt bin line are these stackable shoe bins.  If there was a Golden Globe for best shoe organizer, these would win hands down.  They’re crisp, clean, and optimize space in the closet.

These stackable shoe bins transformed this entire closet, making great use of wasted space while allowing her to see all of her shoes.

stackable bin storage

Clear may not be your jam, these grey drop-down front bins immediately enhance any closet.  Functional and fabulous combined make this bin a winner.

The beauty of these bins is everything is accessible without having to move a bin. The magnetic clasp and clear outside make this bin a well-oiled machine.

stackable bin storage

wood stackable storage bins


Stackable bin storage works well in the playroom especially with legos.  Legos comes in many different shapes and sizes.  There are a handful of ways to organize them, by set, by size, or by color.

My personal preference is by color.  It’s easy and kids can follow the system well and yes it does work.

These stackable storage bins made great use of this this storage unit, leaving no space wasted.  The hinged lids keeps the bin together and stacks neatly.

stackable bin storage

Labeled as a ‘recycling bin’ these stackable bins are massive and great option for toy storage.  Toys are big and bulky.  They can make you feel like you’re going insane trying to figure out how to store them.  This bin ends the madness.

stackable bin storage


Household items such as lights, hooks, and tools all need homes.  These utility stackable bins keep all of those items neatly contained and accessible.

The height on these bins is smaller than most stackable bins, it’s 5″.   With that in mind, smaller items work best for these bins.

stackable bin storage

Light bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes, similar to toys.  They’re the items you necessarily don’t want to have but know you need to have them (sorry Marie Kondo sparking joy isn’t happening here).

Scrambling to find a light bulb is straight up annoying.  Knowing where to find one makes home life easy, replacing one becomes a walk-in the park.

Utility bins work well for the garage because of the shape and design.  They utilize vertical space and have an industrial look to them, making it a match made in heaven for the garage.

stackable bin storage

Stackable bin storage is a game changer.  Utilizing these types of products optimizes space in your home setting you up for the ultimate goal, success.

We spend an insane amount of time in our homes.  They should bring us peace and joy, allowing us to thrive not just survive. Optimize the space you have by using stackable storage bins and you’ll be on your way to mega success.

Stackable Storage Bin Products

Sweater Bin

12″ x 14″ x 8″ h
Wide Manhattan Open Front

14-5/8″ sq. x 7-3/8″ h
Shoe Bin

12″ sq. x 4-3/4″ h
Brightroom Open Front Bin

12″ x 12″ x 8″
Utility Bin

11″ x 10-7/8″ x 5″ h
iDesign Extra Large Bin

stackable storage bins

8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ x 7-1/4″ h
Bamboo bin

12 x 8 x 5
Bamboo Bin with Divider

12-3/8″ x 14-1/16″ x 5″ h
Drop-Front Shirt Bin

11″ x 15″ x 8″ h
mDesign Plastic Bin with Lid

12.75″L x 7.25″W x 5″H

wood stackable storage binswood stackable storage binsorganizing wire shelves

organizing wire shelves


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