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We’re heading into another seasonal transitional which is a great time to get your closet organized.   There’s such a great feeling that comes along with purging, you’re inspired and rejuvenated because you got rid of what you don’t love or need anymore.  Having an organized closet helps your day run smoother because you can find […]

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We’re heading into another seasonal transitional which is a great time to get your closet organized.   There’s such a great feeling that comes along with purging, you’re inspired and rejuvenated because you got rid of what you don’t love or need anymore.  Having an organized closet helps your day run smoother because you can find what you need quickly.  These closet organizing tips will save you time and make life easier.

This time of year is when kids are going back-to-school.  It’s a great time to go through their clothes and yours as well.  The school year is typically the second reset button of the year where many people get back into routines and are motivated to get organized.

If you’ve had a goal of getting organized this year but haven’t done it yet, now is a great time to do it.  Having an organized closet makes for a much smoother morning.  You can find what you need quickly and aren’t wasting time running around the house looking in every laundry basket for that one shirt you swore was clean.


closet organizing tips


Taking the time to organize your closet can take hours, especially if you do it Konmari Style.  If you’re not sure what Konmari is, it’s from Marie Kondo and her method of organizing.  She wrote the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up.  She recommends taking out every piece of clothing and putting them all in a pile, then picking up every single piece to see if it “sparks joy”.

This method is great if you really struggle with decluttering.  It’ll guide you through making decisions that are hard and you’ll learn to be grateful and appreciative for what you have.

Closet Organizing Tips:

  • Keep only what you LOVE

If you take anything out of this post, this is it.  Having only what you love makes managing your closet more enjoyable and you’ll love looking at it.  Keeping only what you love can be hard.  You’ll find yourself saying “I know I’ll wear this again” or “if I get rid of these shirts, I won’t have as many”.  Create a maybe pile, it helps ease the pain because when you go through it again, you’ll get a better idea of what you really love.

When you start this process, taking everything out of your closet and drawers.  It’s easier to start with a clean slate.  Get rid of anything that has holes or needs to be fixed.  If you plan on fixing it, do it within that week.  If you don’t, get rid of it.

We all have that one outfit that makes us feel great, our goal should be to have more than one outfit that makes us feel great.  When you feel great, you’re more confident.

  • Use sturdy hangers

Felt or wood hangers work great.  Whatever you use, keep it consistent so your closet doesn’t consist of some plastic hangers, wire hangers, and felt hangers.  Change out your dry cleaning hangers immediately so you don’t fall back into the habit of mismatched hangers.  Matching hangers provide an organized look and feel.

  • Color code

Arrange your closet from light to dark by category.  For example, all of your cardigans should be grouped together from light to dark.  Same scenario for dresses, keep them all together and display them from light to dark.

Another option is to organize your clothes rainbow style.  This method works really well if you have clothes that cover all colors of the rainbow.  This method is pretty because who doesn’t love rainbows?!

  • Arrange shoes side-by-side

This is the easiest and most effective way to organize your shoes.  They do take up more space using this method but it’s easier to grab them and put them away quickly. It systematically works best.  Staying organizing is about using methods that are simple and easy to use.

  • Use vertical storage

If you are limited with space, getting storage bins that stack vertically is your best option.  This allows you to create more space.  Be sure to label the bins so you know what’s in there.

Many of us live in places with multiple seasons.  You’re not going to need your UGG boots during the summer and you won’t need your flip-flops during the winter.  You can stack winter items in bins with labels when they aren’t being used.  When it comes time to change it out, use the same bins for the summer items.  You can easily change out the label or have one side labeled ‘winter’ and the other side labeled ‘summer’.

  • Keep a donation box in your closet

Once you’ve done an overhaul of your closet, keep a box or bin whatever you prefer in your closet and label it donation.  You’ll be able to put in pieces throughout the month or year, this will help prevent your closet from filling up with items you don’t love.

If you have the ability to invest in closet organization, do it.  The Container Store has sales on their ELFA system at the beginning of the year and usually do another one throughout the year.  IKEA has some other great and affordable options.  Using a built-in closet organization system will help you stay organized.


Getting your closet organized isn’t just a one and done project.  Once you’ve gotten it organized, it will take a little bit of work to keep it that way.  It’s creating new habits which can be hard to keep and why many struggle to stay organized. Pick one of these closet organizing tips from this list, master it and move onto the next one.

Keeping the end result in mind will help keep you motivated.  Now, grab a friend (or family member), turn on some of your favorite music and go get your closet organized!

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