10 Gifts For People Who Love To Organize


Chances are you know someone who loves to organize and finding them the right gift is hard.  Here are ten gifts for people who love to organize. Shopping for gifts can be a painful or pleasurable experience.  If you know what you want to buy but can’t find it, it’s painful.  Finding a gift you […]

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Chances are you know someone who loves to organize and finding them the right gift is hard.  Here are ten gifts for people who love to organize.

Shopping for gifts can be a painful or pleasurable experience.  If you know what you want to buy but can’t find it, it’s painful.  Finding a gift you want on sale is pleasurable.  Shopping should be as painless as possible.  It can be hard to shop for someone when you don’t know what they want or need.

If you have no idea where to start, the best thing to do is make a plan.  Check out this post on Why Christmas Planners are awesome to get you going.  It includes a free planner and will help you get organized for Christmas.   It’ll help eliminate stress and get you brainstorming some great gift ideas.

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you purchase the product.  The products selected are only brands that I have used and trust.


I’m a mixed bag when it comes to shopping.  There are times when I love it and times when I don’t.  I’m not one of those people who goes shopping on Black Friday super early but I’ll head out later in the day to see the sales.

Online Shopping

Shopping online is easy and convenient.  Plus it’s fun getting a package in the mail.  However, I love a good sale and the best ones are usually in the store.  You can get an additional 50% off of clearance, which is hard to come across online.

For example, I was looking for some plain basic t-shirts from Land’s End.  I had found a few online for $15-$20 which is a good price but I had a feeling I could find them at a lower price in the store.

I found a Land’s End shop in one of the department stores at the mall.  The clearance section had an additional 30% off clearance, I found the same type of shirts I was looking for.  Each shirt was $6 a piece!  I was able to purchase three shirts for the price of one online.

Getting a deal on something is such a great feeling.  You feel like you’ve outsmarted the store.

Home Goods and Marshalls are two of my favorite places to shop but they don’t always have what you are looking for so it’s a bit of a gamble shopping there.

Having a cheatsheet of gifts to buy for someone who loves to organize makes it a little less painful if you don’t enjoy shopping.  If you are shopping for someone who loves to organize, they are likely already organized however they love getting organizing gifts.

Drawer Organizers

This can be used for a variety of things.  It can act as an organizer for an office drawer for pencils & pens, post its, paper clips, etc. It can be used for random drawers,  the garage where it can keep different sized screws organized or in the bathroom to keep makeup organized.

Drop-down Shirt Box

These shirt boxes are a beautiful way to display a variety of items. Shirts are the obvious choice but also can fit jeans, purses, and sweaters.  The magnetic closing is strong so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.  The clear view gives you the ability to see what is in there.

These boxes can create more space because they can be stacked on one another.   They give a space a warm, organized look and feel.

Cord Organizers

Anyone who loves to organize, can’t stand cords.  They are a nuisance.  Since we now live in a smartphone world, most of us carry a cord with us or have them stored away somewhere.  A tangled cord is annoying.

These leather organizer clips are really easy to use and extremely durable.

Keep your headphones organized and tangle free with this holder.  Once you have this holder, you’ll remember where you last left them because you’ll remember wrapping them up.

This holder can also convenient go in your handbag.

You won’t have to worry about your headphones getting tangled up with other items.  Plus, you won’t be trying to untangle them while in the middle of a conversation.  It’s so annoying when that happens.

Felt Hangers

These hangers dress up your closet and make opening it up more enjoyable.  Using consistent, uniform hangers makes any closet organized.

Felt hangers have a warm demeanor and can transform a closet. Upgrade from those wire or plastic hangers.


Smartphone Holder

Keeping your phone in a handy organized space makes it easier to find.  Plus, it will hide all of the cords.

It’s nice having a dedicated station to charge all of your devices.  It acts as a hub for all of your electronics.

You likely charge your devices in the kitchen and using a charging station makes it easier to keep everything in one place.  Having a charging station is convenient when you travel because you know where your chargers are located.  You can easily take them out and put them back when you are done.

Portable Speaker

Play your favorite music or podcast everywhere you go.  We bring our speaker with us almost everywhere we go, especially when traveling.  It’s nice being able to listen to our favorite songs and shows without headphones or having to turn up the volume on our smartphones.

We bring our speaker on almost every trip, even if it includes us flying and/or staying with family. I enjoy listening to music or a podcast when getting ready in the morning.

We use our speaker daily at our house too.

You’d be surprised how handy it has been during random get-togethers.  Music is something everyone loves and puts people in a good mood.

If you’re having a sports party, some people may want to watch the game, listening to the announcers.  While others might not want to watch the game and want to socialize.  The portable speaker allows them to gather in another space and listen to music while others watch the game.

You could also have multiple areas with different music playing if there is more than one speaker there.

Travel Cubes

These cubes will make any trip organized.  You’ll be able to save more space and pack efficiently with these packing cubes.

When you open up your luggage after a trip, everything won’t be a hot mess.  It’ll be neatly organized and you’ll spend less time trying to get it all organized again.

Plus, these cubes will help prevent you from overpacking because there’s only so much that can fit in them.

Tablet Holder

FaceTime is much easier when you are using a device hands-free.  Using a tablet holder also is much easier when cooking or baking looking at a recipe.  You can change the settings on the tablet where it’s on the whole time you need the recipe.

Plus, you’re less likely to break the screen when it’s on a stand.  Breaking screens is not fun, it’s expensive and sometimes can’t be repaired.

Jewelry Box

Keep your rings, bracelets, and necklaces organized in this nice little box.  A jewelry box is convenient because you can also travel with it.  You’ll be able to keep all of your accessories tidy and organized.

There is a dedicated compartment for necklaces so they don’t get tangled.  There is nothing more annoying than untangling necklaces.

This is the perfect size for your handbag too.

I workout in the mornings, I’ve gotten into the habit of leaving my jewelry at home because I don’t like working out with it on however this jewelry box would be extremely convenient for my handbag.

When I was working my corporate job, I used to workout before going to work and would shower at the gym.  There were times I would put my jewelry in a pocket in my handbag.  It would give me anxiety because it never felt safe in there.  Having a jewelry box would’ve been ideal because I would’ve been able to safely keep my jewelry in my handbag and find it easily.

Coffee Tumbler

These are great gifts because who really wants to buy this for themselves?  A pretty, fashionable coffee tumbler is more enjoyable to use.  Take your coffee with you to go in style.  It’s cute and practical.

If you’ve ever had a rushed morning, having a travel mug is key.  You’re able to grab your coffee and take it with you quickly.

This could also be used for a water mug.  Once you’re done with coffee, you can transition your mug from coffee to water.

Label Maker

Using a label maker will make any space more organized.  A label maker gives you fonts that are even and consistent.  If you don’t like your handwriting, this is the way to go.

You have an option of a variety of label tape (pink, blue, green, etc.) to dress up your labels.

We’ve had our label maker for 10+ years and it still works like it’s brand new.  My husband got it for me while we were dating 🙂

The top of our label maker broke a few years ago when our then toddler got a hold of it.  The damage wasn’t awful, I thought it was totally broken but wasn’t.  A piece of the lid broke so when we change out the label tape, the lid has to come completely off when before it would hold itself open.

Desk Calendar

Perfect for working moms or a home office.  Having a visual calendar helps keep you organized because you have a representation of the month.

You plan out an organized and effective day, week or month.  You can write out your to-do list or your goals for the month too.  Writing it down makes it easier to remember.

The stylish design adds some style to your home or office.

I’ve tried numerous times to have just a digital calendar and it just hasn’t worked out for me.  There have been too many times when I’ve forgotten an appointment even with a reminder alert set.  It’s so easy to close out the reminder alert and not look at it again.


When you are organized, you are more productive.  These gifts help make anyone’s life just a little easier.   They can keep you organized whether you are traveling, going to work, heading to a soccer game, or getting organized at home.

Here’s what to buy for the person that loves to organize:


  • Travel cubes
  • Jewelry box
  • Earbud holder

Working Mom

  • Desk calendar
  • Coffee tumbler
  • Cord organizers

Home Organization

  • Drop-down shirt box
  • Label maker
  • Felt hangers
  • Charging Station

What gifts have you given to people that love to organize?  Would love to hear your thoughts!  Comment below.












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