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One of the most important steps in organizing is labeling. Labels keep items going back to the right places.  They are the glue that keeps everything together.  There are a variety of ways to label and I’m going to show you how to make labels easily. *There are affiliate links used throughout this post which […]

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One of the most important steps in organizing is labeling. Labels keep items going back to the right places.  They are the glue that keeps everything together.  There are a variety of ways to label and I’m going to show you how to make labels easily.

*There are affiliate links used throughout this post which means I may receive a kickback if you purchase the product. I only recommend products I use and trust.  See more here.

How To Make Labels

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1. Decide On Your Style.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the font and style that you like.  This matters because you’ll be looking at it often and if you don’t like what you look at it, it’s less likely to stay organized.  Think about any brand that you love, that you’re ridiculously loyal too, that’s how you want to view your labels so picking out the correct style matters.

There are two styles that I consistently use when organizing projects because they are easy.  The first style that I use is my handwriting.  Without sounding exceptionally boastful, I’ve always had neat handwriting and have had many people request me write things/projects/posters because of it.  I do not recommend this if you don’t like your handwriting.

The other style that I like to use is with a label maker.  Label makers provide consistent labels and can be used in a variety of ways to keep things organized.

2. Purchase Supplies

Once you’ve chosen your label method you’ll need to get the materials.

Handwriting Labels

Here’s what you will need if you are going to use your own handwriting.

Mr-Label Clear Adhesive 

These labels work great because they stay on products well and are waterproof.

Sharpie-Oil Based Paint Markers

These paint markers provide a nice shine which is why I like to use them when labeling.  I tend to use black and white when labeling because they match best with bins.

Fiskars Cutting Board

This board comes in handy for cutting the labels, it cuts them quickly and keeps them straight.

Label Maker

Here is the label maker that I recommend, I’ve used this brand for 10+ years so it works.  Even if you do plan on using your handwriting I do recommend having a label maker on hand.  There will be times when it’s just easier and quicker to print a label.

kitchen drawer organization

3. Create The Label

Handmade Label

Starting off the with handmade label, the best thing to do is to cut a variety of sizes from the sheet with the cutting board.  It’ll take a few tries to get the ideal size.  Once you have the size, keep a template copy so it’s easy to reference when needed.

Take a few pieces that you have already cut for your test labels.  The marker needs to ‘warm up’ before it gets used.  Once you have the test labels, grab the marker and shake it rigorously, then press the tip onto the label a few times until the ink starts to come out.  Once it comes out, practice writing with it a few times before using it permanently on the label.  After the label is done, let it DRY.  As someone who has remade labels multiple times because the ink wasn’t dry, I can’t emphasize this enough.  Give it at least two minutes per label.

Once the label is dry, put it on the desired bin or shelf.

Label Maker

With the label maker, power it needed to make it operate, so you’ll need either an outlet or batteries to turn it on.  I personally prefer batteries because it’s easier, there’s no search for an outlet and you’re not restricted to a location with it.

Label tape will be needed in order to make the label.  There are a lot of label tape choices.

First, is choosing the size. I typically use 12″ or 18″. Lately most of the projects I’ve been doing have been for the 18″ because it’s larger and easier to see.

Next, is choosing the color. There are a variety of colors to chose from. I like to stick to the basics, white, clear and black. All of these colors go nicely on bins and are appealing to the eye.

Last, is choosing the font and style. Again, I’m about keeping things simple so I stick with fonts that are easy-to-read. There are a variety of border styles to dress up the label, I like to use a box that outlines the label, it makes it pop and looks clean.

Other Tips

  • White labels with black ink on clear bins make the bin easily identifiable.
  • Clear labels with black ink on clear bins allow you to easily see what’s in there without label blocking much.
  • Handmade labels allow the font to be larger than label maker labels so if you need a large label, use a handwritten one.


Labels can easily be made with a label maker or handwritten, whichever is your preferred method they will set you up for lasting success and who doesn’t like to be successful.

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