The Power of Organizing Labels: Why They Matter More Than You Think


Getting organized is one thing.  Staying organized is another thing.  In today’s hectic world, maintaining an organized household can feel like an impossible task. From misplaced keys to overflowing closets, our lives are filled with constant clutter and chaos. But what if there was a simple solution to help restore order and bring peace to […]

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Getting organized is one thing.  Staying organized is another thing.  In today’s hectic world, maintaining an organized household can feel like an impossible task. From misplaced keys to overflowing closets, our lives are filled with constant clutter and chaos. But what if there was a simple solution to help restore order and bring peace to your home? Enter the power of organizing labels.

Labels may seem small and insignificant, but they hold the key to transforming your space into a well-organized haven. By labeling everything from storage bins to pantry shelves, you can quickly locate items and eliminate the frustration of endlessly searching for what you need.

But the power of labels goes beyond just organization. Labels also promote efficiency, saving you time and energy by streamlining your daily routines. With labeled systems in place, you can effortlessly maintain order, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Whether you’re searching for your favorite sweater or trying to locate a specific ingredient in the kitchen, harness the power of labels to unlock the secrets to a well-organized household. It’s time to bring harmony and simplicity back into your life.

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why labels matter with organizing


The power of labels begins with the way our brains process information. Our brains are wired to categorize and label everything we encounter in order to make sense of the world around us. This categorization helps us make quick decisions and judgments based on past experiences and knowledge. It’s why we can quickly categorize a fruit as an apple or a banana, or a person as friendly or unfriendly based on their behavior.

This is why understanding the psychology behind labels is so important. By being aware of how our brains categorize and label information, we can start to challenge and reshape our own biases and stereotypes.


Organizing the same space more than once is frustrating.  This frustration is completely preventable by using labels.  Using labels when organizing keeps things in order.  It helps you find what you need quickly.  Labels are the rules of your house.

Making labels can be a tedious step but it’s one of the most important steps.  It’s important to use labels you love because you will be looking at them almost daily.  Take the time to figure out which type of labels you like best.  Use the same type of labels throughout your house to create a consistent look and feel.

When you have multiple people living in your house, labels are the best way to keep spaces organized especially the pantry and playroom.


1. Saves Time

No one likes wasting time, it’s frustrating.  We all have the exact same 24 hours.  Time is the one thing money can’t buy.  It’s up to us how we manage our time.  Using labels will save you time because you’re not wasting time looking for items you need.  Those small seconds add up to minutes and so on and so forth.

2. Makes You More Productive

Increase your productivity by using labels.  This allows you to get more done because you can find what you need.  We all love that feeling when we’ve been able to cross off everything on our to-do list for that day.

3. Eliminates Stress

When you can’t find what you need, it’s stressful especially when you’re in a rush trying to get out of the house.  Keep your stress levels low by using labels so you can find what you need quickly.

4. Prevents Clutter

When things are labeled, it makes it easier to put back the items where they belong.  If you’re not sure where an item should go, chances are you don’t need it, get rid of it.

5. Creates Clarity

We live in a distracted society.  There are ads being thrown at us daily through social media and TV which creates mental clutter. Create clarity in your home by having items labeled.  When you look at a space that’s organized & labeled it’s a calming feeling.

6. Improves Communication

If you have more than one person in your home, having labels keeps everyone on the same page, minimizing any confusion or frustration as to where things are.


1. Label Maker

Using a label maker gives you a clear, consistent font.  Label Makers are mobile so you can easily move them around your house to complete any organizing project.  You can create a label with a label maker quickly and easily.  There are a variety of fonts and sizes that can be created with a label maker.


garage organized

2. Handwritten Labels

Handwriting labels add a personal and unique touch to your organization. This can be especially meaningful for items in a more personal or private space, like a home office or craft room.

Handwriting allows for flexibility in design and style. You can experiment with different fonts, and sizes, and even add decorative elements to your labels.

organizing labels


You can customize your labels to the size that works for that particular bin or space.  The paint marker is fairly permanent, you have to use a dry-erase marker to get rid of the ink and it takes a long time to do.

3. Cricut Machine

You can create vinyl labels with a font you love with a Cricut machine.  With a Cricut, you have the flexibility to create custom designs, graphics, and intricate labels. This makes it suitable for crafting projects, home decor, and personalized labeling with a wide range of fonts and images.

organizing labels


P-Touch Cube Plus


Label Maker
label maker p-touch

Label Tape

Bin Clip Labels

bin clip labels










label paper

Sharpie Oil-based Paint Marker

sharpie oil-based paint marker

Label Cutter
organizing labels


Using labels when organizing saves you time, increases your productivity, eliminates stress, prevents clutter from building up, and creates clarity.

We are all looking for ways to save time and be more productive.  Keeping clutter at bay allows you to stay stress-free allowing you to be happier.  When things aren’t labeled, it’s easy to lose items.  It’s like any plan in life, when you make a plan and work it, things go smoother.



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