Small Pantry Organization Hacks For Maximum Storage


In the search for an efficient and well-organized kitchen, small pantry organization emerges as a key challenge for many homeowners.  “There’s no room for my pantry to get organized.”  “I don’t even have a pantry.”  These are common challenges and frustrations we have seen regarding a small pantry. In this post on small pantry organization, […]

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In the search for an efficient and well-organized kitchen, small pantry organization emerges as a key challenge for many homeowners.  “There’s no room for my pantry to get organized.”  “I don’t even have a pantry.”  These are common challenges and frustrations we have seen regarding a small pantry.

In this post on small pantry organization, we’ll discuss practical tips, clever storage ideas, and innovative approaches to transform your compact pantry.  You’ll learn the importance of organizing a small pantry, how to create one if you don’t have one, and keeping it for the long haul.

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A well-organized small pantry not only maximizes limited space but also streamlines meal preparation, minimizing the stress associated with searching for ingredients.

By implementing smart storage solutions and decluttering techniques, one can create a visually appealing and accessible pantry that contributes to a seamless cooking experience.

Small pantry organization fosters a sense of order, allowing homeowners to keep track of food supplies, reduce waste, and ultimately save time and effort in the kitchen.

It transforms a seemingly confined space into a hub of efficiency, making the most of available resources and contributing to an overall well-organized home environment.


The first step with any project is assessment. Understanding where the challenges are will help you determine where there is opportunity for improvement.

Dimensions are even more critical with smaller pantries because there’s minimal room for error.  These are the dimensions you’ll need, be sure to write them down for quick and easy reference.

Length x Width x Height

Save yourself the headache and get out the tape measure. Once you have the numbers, then it’s time to start figuring out how to make things function better.   Can you add stackable bins?  Is there room for a turntable or storage container?

small pantry organization


When it comes to small pantry organization, decanting is a game changer.

Clear canisters give you a better visual and provide an organized look and feel while also optimizing space.  Food storage containers add vertical space due to their stacking nature and provide uniformity, eliminating the decluttered look and feel.

Adding vertical storage prevents anything from piling up or falling over. With shelves or rolling drawers, there’s only so much space that’s available before things start falling. Canisters eliminate that frustration.

small pantry organization


ProKeeper Baker’s Storage Set

small pantry organization


OXO Pop Set

small pantry organization

Graphite Modular Canister Set


Incorporating shelves into a small pantry offers several benefits.

Shelves create more space and make it easy to maintain a small pantry, they make the most of every inch available.

Use a freestanding unit like this one or create a custom-built one from The Container Store like this.

By using vertical space, you can create additional tiers for categorizing and organizing items, from canned goods to spices and kitchen essentials.

This not only maximizes storage capacity but also makes items visible. Shelves also reduce clutter and create a visually pleasing pantry. The modular nature of shelves also allows for customization, allowing you to adapt the pantry layout to suit your specific needs.

small pantry organization


Adding shelves may not be in the budget, but stackable bins are a great alternative for small pantry organization.  Stackable bins create more space, making sure space is completely utilized.

small pantry organization

Consider the opening of stackable bins as an essential factor, aiming for easy access to your items.

In our experience with stackable bins, we’ve encountered challenges reaching items at the bottom, and sometimes the top bin would shift easily.

Make sure the bin fits your tolerance level for accessibility.

small pantry organization


Manhattan Stackable Bins

iDesign Open Stackable Bins


Stackable Bamboo Storage Bins



Large and cumbersome, boxes take up unnecessary space, hindering efficiency.

By removing items from their original packaging, more space becomes available, allowing multiple items to be consolidated.

Consider cereal bars, fruit snacks, and fruit pouches – typically packaged in boxes. Placing them in a bin or container not only maximizes space but also offers a clear view of the remaining stock.

Moreover, bins equipped with dividers enable the organized storage of various categories, allowing space to be optimized.

small pantry organization


Multi-Purpose Bin

Divided Pantry Bin






With small pantries, it’s common for shelving to be deep making it challenging to get items from the back. Utilize deep drawer bins to act as “rolling drawers.” This will make it easier to access items by taking them out of the drawer.

small pantry organization

These bins are particularly effective on lower shelves where visibility is limited.

Bending down and rummaging through items can be quite bothersome, especially as you age—not the most enjoyable activity! The simplicity of these bins makes it easy; just take the bin out when you need something and put it back when you’re done.

16″ Deep Drawer Bin

20″ Deep Drawer Bin

The Home Edit XL Bin, Clear Plastic Storage Bin

22″ Deep Drawer Bin


Integrating door organization into a small pantry can be a game-changer, optimizing every inch of available space.

Utilizing the often-underutilized backside of the pantry door allows for the creation of additional storage pockets, perfect for housing spices, condiments, or small kitchen essentials.


small pantry organization

One of our favorite door organizers is Elfa from The Container Store.  The flexibility of the adjustable bins makes this unit completely customizable, which is why we love this organizer.

Mesh Over-the-Door Rack


Embracing the concept of small pantry organization unveils a world of possibilities within limited spaces. Through strategic planning, storage solutions, and utilizing often-overlooked areas such as the pantry door, you can optimize space and create a system of order and efficiency.

Small pantry organization proves that with a thoughtful approach, even the most modest spaces can become a source of inspiration, contributing to a well-organized home environment.

Frustration becomes a thing of the past and functional is the name of the game.  When things function well, everything runs smoothly.


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