The Best Baby Bag That Will Keep You Organized


You know the saying “third time’s a charm?!”  Well, that finally came to fruition with my baby bag.  In my humble opinion, there’s nothing better than a bag that will keep you organized because they are hard to come across. Handbags really aren’t my thing, heck fashion really isn’t my thing.  However, I know I […]

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You know the saying “third time’s a charm?!”  Well, that finally came to fruition with my baby bag.  In my humble opinion, there’s nothing better than a bag that will keep you organized because they are hard to come across.

baby bag

Handbags really aren’t my thing, heck fashion really isn’t my thing.  However, I know I need a handbag and clothes to wear.  Whenever I look for a new handbag, the first thing I always consider is how I can organize my personal items in there, then style.

Then we had kids and I had to get a baby bag.

It wasn’t until I finally came across this bag from Austin Fowler where I finally felt organized with a baby bag and could also incorporate my personal life, all in one bag!  It was like a dream come true.

baby bag

Our kids are five, two and two months. I came across this bag while pregnant with our third.  Our two year old was basically potty trained when I started using this bag so I didn’t really have diapers and wipes in there to start.  He does wear pull-ups for naps and bedtime so I would always have one with me.

This is what I would keep in the bag prior to giving birth to our third child:

  • Snacks (3-4 items each)
  • One pull-up and a pair of underwear for our boy
  • Extra set of clothes for our boy
  • Toys and Books

This is what is in the bag now after giving birth to our third child:

  • Snacks for the older kids (two items each)
  • Three diapers for the baby and a package of wipes
  • Change of clothes for the baby including a onesie and an outfit
  • Burp cloth and a hat
  • Nursing cover
  • Changing pad

Here’s how this baby bag has helped me stay organized.

baby bag

Easy Access to Personal Items

This is probably my favorite part of the bag.  There is an exterior pouch where you can keep your wallet, keys, cell phone, etc.  The great thing about this compartment is that you’re not shuffling around trying to find your wallet or phone.  In previous baby bags, there wasn’t a place for these personal items so you were left with two options.  The first one was to put your personal items in the baby bag and then search for them or carrying a personal bag along with the baby bag.

Both of these options were equally frustrating.  I didn’t like carrying two bags because I didn’t feel the need for it, it was just another thing to carry.  Adding my personal items to the baby bag became endless searches and there weren’t ideal places to store personal items.

Quickly access the baby items needed

The zipper bags make it so easy to find what you need because they are labeled!!  A bag with labels on it?! Hello, happy dance!  There are four zipper bags with two of the zipper bags that have two zipper pouches to them, so there are a total of six compartments where you can put things.

The flexibility of the snap bags

This part is genius.  You can take out the bags if you don’t need them.  This came in handy while I was still working.  During work, I wouldn’t need to carry some of the bags with me so I could take them out.  For example, I didn’t need extra kids clothes or toys with me during work so I took those out.  Once I got home from work, I could easily add back those zipper bags.

The flexibility of these zipper bags also allows you to take out only what you need if you don’t want to carry the entire bag with you.  For example, if you are at a restaurant and need to change your baby, you can just take out the zipper bag that has the diapers and wipes, you don’t have to carry the entire bag.

baby bag

Here are some other things I love about this baby bag:

  • The bottle compartments can be used to hold water bottles if you are using the bag for work.  I almost always carry a water bottle with me and it’s nice to have a place to put it.
  • It’s stylish and practical. The particular bag I got is The Rome. I love stripes thought this one would be the best for me. They have classic designs that will last.
  • It’s durable. The materials of this bag are great quality. It doesn’t feel like the straps will break or the lining will tear. This bag is built to last.
  • There’s room to throw in last minute items. Being a busy mom on the go, it seems like there’s always something to grab at the last minute.
  • The Bed Bath and Beyond coupons fit perfectly in the external pouch. This one might sound a bit crazy but I usually forget to bring these coupons with me and I don’t like carrying a coupon holder. Trips to Bed Bath and Beyond for us are usually last minute and not planned so it’s nice having the coupons there. Plus they are right by my wallet so they won’t be easily forgotten.

After going through three baby bags, this one is hands down the best.  The beauty of this bag is that it’s going to grow with us as our kids grow which is a great thing.

I’ve teamed up with Austin Fowler and they are offering a 20% discount for Organized Marie readers!!

Enter MARIE20 at Checkout

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  1. Ï LOVE that bag! I am two weeks away from having my 3rd child and I have actually been spending the last few days looking for a new diaper bag.
    I love how it looks so much like a purse and yet has all the things you need a diaper bag to have. 🙂
    Over the last 7 years (since I started having kids) I have definitely become a lot more organized. It’s a big thing being responsible for the lives and well being of other individuals, however, there is no reason not to look good while doing it. 😉 I think the same thing goes for your home and your life in general. There is no reason why you need to let everything go while your little ones are little, it just takes more organization to keep it up, and it is so worth it to do it.

    Thanks for a nice post.

    Kristine the Dane

    • Marie says:

      You are welcome! The bag is amazing. I hope you had a great delivery with your third and are adjusting well!

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