9 Things You Can Label to Save Time & Money


Using labels keeps you organized and productive. It allows you to easily identify what you need quickly.  What to label and how to label it is the challenging part. I heart labels.  So much that my husband gave me a label maker when we were dating, that’s how I knew he was the one 😉 […]

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Using labels keeps you organized and productive. It allows you to easily identify what you need quickly.  What to label and how to label it is the challenging part.
I heart labels.  So much that my husband gave me a label maker when we were dating, that’s how I knew he was the one 😉  The label maker gives it this clean, organized look which makes me do a happy dance every time.  I try to label almost anything in our house that I can.  I was really struggling keeping our kids clothes organized.  They are so small and tough to fold.  I found myself grabbing a short sleeved onsie when I really needed a long sleeved and then having to refold the short sleeve one because I grabbed the wrong one.  It started happening too frequently and decided something had to be done.  I found these clear drawer organizers from Bed Bath and Beyond and decided to put chalk labels on them instead of making a label for them because their clothes are changing so frequently.  It has been it easier and quicker to find clothes and put them away as well.
Keeping things labeled will save you time because you will know where it belongs.  You won’t be searching frantically for what need which will also save you money because you won’t need to buy again because you can’t find it.
Not labeling items decreases your productivity because you’re left with the unknown.  There have been times where I’ve changed a label and didn’t re-label it because “I knew what’s in there” when in reality I was guessing. When this happens it’s a productivity failure because more time is spent trying to figure out which items go in what bin.  Labeling eliminates guessing.
If you’re not sure what to label, here’s a list to help you get started:
  • File Folders– This will help you organize papers. Use broad categories so you don’t get confused on where to file certain papers. For example, keep all of the Explanation of Benefits for Insurance in a folder versus creating a folder for each doctor or individual. Your mind will go to the broad category first. Your mind gets overconfused when too many options are involved, keep it simple.
  • Binder Spines or Covers–  Most binders are stored vertically, label them so they are easier to access.  Making the label vertical versus horizontal, this will make it easier to read and allow for more font to be on the label.  You can also dress it up by adding some washi tape to it and then adding a label.
  • Baskets-  Baskets are great storage options because they are a bit homier than plastic storage bins.  Most baskets don’t come with labels so you usually have to create your own.  Michaels is a great place to get some string and secure label to add to the basket.
  • Drawer Organizers–  Labeling drawer organizers will help keep your drawer organized and things won’t pile up.  Office drawer organizers are a great example.  Add a label on the inside bin toward the top to easily store paper clips, pens, etc.
  • Storage Bins–  Keep a storage label on the exterior of the large portion of the bin.  Store the bins vertically and put the label on the front of the bin.  All sides of the bin don’t need to be labeled, you’ll just be wasting time, trust me 😉 Having them labeled will save you time because you will be able to access them faster rather than opening each lid to see what’s stored in there.
  • Folder Trays– If you work full-time, the chances of you dealing with paper on a day-to-day basis are pretty high.  Using folder trays will keep the papers organized, label them to sort through them quicker.  Some examples would be “To Read” “To Do” “To Send”.  Put the label on the tray where you can easily see it, most paper trays have extra room for a label.
  • Kids Clothes–  As I mentioned above, kids clothing has it’s challenges.  Using drawer organizers and labeling them makes it easier to find what you need and also make putting clothes away easier.
  • Mail– Designate an area for mail.  Label the area for mail to open, to file, and to send.  Keep stamps in the to send area so it’s easier to send mail.
  • Tupperware–  Ever throw away food because you forgot to look inside the tupperware container?  It’s like throwing money in the garbage, it’s painful to watch.  It may be a clear container and you think you can see what’s in there but unless you open it, it will sit there until it gets thrown away. Save money by labeling what food is in there so you don’t throw it away.  Chalk labels work best for this.

Labels don’t need to be fancy, they can be as basic as writing on a piece of tape.  Start small, once you have things labeled then you can decide what type of pretty labels you like and go from there.  It’s easier to start with basic labels and then upgrade because you will have a visual for how you want it to look.

Labeling will ultimately save you time and money which is something we are all striving to do.

What items do you love to label?

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  1. Sandy says:

    Love labeling too. It really does make a difference; for some reason I am more likely to put things back where they belong if I label them, even if I have memorized where they go. Regarding labeling for the fridge, chalkboard labels are a great idea, though I use cheap painters tape for this (save the high quality painter tape for painting!) In fact, I keep a roll of light green painters tape and a permanent marker handy in the kitchen all the time, not just for labeling fridge contents, but for temporarily labeling all kinds of things until I have time to make prettier labels. It’s beauty is it really sticks, the permanent marker doesnt rub off (dont use gel pens for this or you will have a mess!) and when you use up the food the tape comes off easily – perfect for temporary use!

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