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Elevate your daily joy by turning your closet into a source of happiness and self-appreciation with the assistance of a walk-in closet organizer. I firmly believe that every woman deserves to experience the satisfaction of an organized closet. We will show you some incredible transformations of closet makeovers here in Charlotte, NC, showcasing the impact […]

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Elevate your daily joy by turning your closet into a source of happiness and self-appreciation with the assistance of a walk-in closet organizer. I firmly believe that every woman deserves to experience the satisfaction of an organized closet.

We will show you some incredible transformations of closet makeovers here in Charlotte, NC, showcasing the impact of a well-designed walk-in closet organizer. Discover valuable tips and tricks to effortlessly transform your own closet into a functional and stylish space that resonates with your unique style and personality.

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Before you start your closet makeover, take a good look at your current situation. Assess what’s working and what’s not. Consider the amount of space you have, the types of items you need to store, and any organizational systems you currently have in place.

This closet was large and had a lot of space that wasn’t being optimized.  During the consultation, we discussed their goals and needs and what walk in closet organizer storage solutions would be needed for the different spaces.

For her, she wanted it functional and easy to see what she had.  She frequently wears jeans, tops, and sneakers, so we needed to make sure those items were accessible.

Him, he wanted to move his T-shirts because they were difficult to get to.

They did not have any product preferences giving us free rein to select what would work best for their space, an organizers dream come true 🙂


before and after closet


It’s important to determine what your goals are for your walk in closet organizer.  Without this, you’ll be flying blind.  Having written steps will keep you on track.

The goal for this closet: Make the closet functional and aesthetically appealing

Strategy: Optimize space by using the current system and enhance it with the right products  

  1. Keep all accessories on one side of the closet.
  2. Use stackable shoe bins for shoes.
  3. Move all long-hang to the back wall.
  4. Add shelf dividers to shelves to keep t-shirts neat.
  5. Add handbag hangers and clutch organizers.
  6. Add organizers for drawers.
  7. Add organizers for jewelry.
  8. Put hats on display with hat stands.
  9. Match current hangers.
  10. Display Pokemon collection.

This was our original game plan, there were a few tweaks that had to be made along the way but for the most part, it stayed to the plan.

before and after closet



The first step in any closet makeover is to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need or use. This will not only free up space in your closet but also make it easier to find the items you use and love.

Start by taking everything out of your closet and sorting it into piles of keep, donate, and toss. Be honest with yourself about what you really need and use, and don’t be afraid to let go of items that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

Donate gently used items to a local charity or thrift store to give them a second life.

Normally this is part of the process but for this project, they had already gone through their items.  We only need to organize it.


After streamlining your closet, enhance its functionality by investing in high-quality walk in closet organizer storage containers for accessibility and style.

Consider adding shelves, drawers, and hanging rods to maximize your space and make the most of every inch. Look for storage solutions that fit your specific needs, such as shoe racks, jewelry organizers, and scarf hangers.

With the right storage solutions, your closet makeover will not only look great but also function efficiently.

The products selected for this closet were based on function and aesthetics.  Clear was going to be the best option.

  • Stackable Shoe Bins 

    • These are without a doubt, my favorite shoe organizers.  They are extremely functional because there is no opening or closing of lids.  Their shoes had been stored in bins where they were getting lost in the shuffle.  These bins provide order and structure, keeping them visible and accessible.
    • These shoe bins come in two different sizes, short and tall.  The tall ones work best for heels and wedges while the short ones work best for sneakers, flats, and sandals.  The beauty of these bins is they can be stacked regardless of which size they are.
    • A single pair of shoes will fit in the short bin compartment so you could have two pairs of shoes per bin.  However, it will depend on the size of the shoe.  Some pairs will fit if the toe is facing forward and the heel is facing in the back.
    • For men’s shoes, one pair of shoes fits one bin.
    • With this setup for her shoes, we knew three bins wouldn’t fit in the space so we put a pair of shoes in the middle with the bins on the size creating balance and space.
    • The last thing we did for these stackable shoe bins was add these sticky squares to the bottom of the bin.  We did this so the shoe bins wouldn’t slide to the back of the shelf.  This space was 16″ deep and these bins are 12′.  For the wedges, we didn’t need to add the squares as that space was 12″ deep and they fit perfectly there.
    • Three pairs of ladies sandals fit comfortably in one slot when stored vertically.


walk in closet organizer

  • Handbag Hangers & Clutch Organizer

    • These handbag hangers optimize hanging space.  They make it easy to see where your handbags are while also keeping them beautifully displayed.  The clutches were organized vertically with these organizers.  They optimized space and made them easy to access.
    • Sticky squares were also added to the bottom of these clutch organizers to prevent them from sliding back and forth when getting a purse.


walk in closet organizer

  • Jewelry Organizers

    • Acrylic was our theme and she already had a sunglasses organizer that was clear.  We added these necklace stands, bracelet organizers, and earring organizers to keep everything cohesive, visible, and accessible.  She wanted to be able to see all of her jewelry and we were able to accomplish that with these organizers.

necklace organizer

  • Hat Stands

    • This was the first time we used these hat stands and fell in love with them. It allowed her hats to be beautifully displayed and accessible

walk in closet organizer

  • Drawer Dividers

    • We used a variety of sizes for the drawer as some were taller than others.  This 12-compartment organizer was used for the socks and underwear.  Each compartment had room for 3 pairs of socks and three pairs of underwear when FOLDED correctly.
    • Folding matters because it optimizes space.  Sure you could just throw them in there but then you’re still doing a scramble search trying to find what you need.  Quite honestly, folding your socks and underwear doesn’t take that long.

walk in closet organizer


    • This divided all-purpose bin was used to organize the swimsuits and athletic gear.  We chose this bin for a few reasons.  One, it matched the dimensions of the drawer perfectly.  Two, there was a divider in there that would assist in keeping the items neatly together.  Swimsuits and athletic gear are bulkier than socks and underwear.

walk in closet organizer

  • Shelf Dividers

    • These dividers are great for closet shelves.  They keep piles neat and tidy.  Think of them like lines on the road, they help you stay in your lane.  We used them for her sweatshirts and for his t-shirts.

walk in closet organizer

    • The backpacks were hung with the handbag hangers.  This got them off the shelf in a pile and visible for him to see.

walk in closet organizer

  • Double Hamper

    • The last product that was added was a double hamper.  They each had their own hamper on their sides of the closet.  The challenge with both of them is they didn’t fit the space and they weren’t sturdy.  Adding this double hamper consolidated laundry into one bin and was visually more appealing.
  • Matching Hangers

    • They already had velvet hangers, quite a bit of them actually that were mismatched together.  They were mostly black with gold holds and silver hooks.  We wanted to that the majority of the same color hooks and keep them together.  For example, the long hang got the gold hooks while the short hang got the silver hooks.


One of the best ways to keep your closet organized is to group your clothes by category and color. This means separating your shirts, pants, dresses, and jackets into their own sections, and then arranging them by color within each section.

Not only does this make it easier to find what you’re looking for, but it also creates a visually appealing display. Plus, it makes it easier to see what you have and what you might need to add to your wardrobe.

We moved all of her dresses to the back wall making them easier to see.  For the short hang, we put them back in the same area and organized them by category.  The top row consisted of blouse tops that ranged from sleeveless to long-sleeve.  The skirts, heavier jackets, and sports jerseys hung on the bottom row.

For his clothes, the hanging items were moved to the back of the wall of the closet.  The pathway in the closet was narrow, moving the hanging to the back of the wall made the space bigger.


before and after closet


walk in closet organizer


A walk in closet organizer isn’t just about functionality, it’s also about creating a space that feels luxurious and personalized. Add some decorative touches like a rug, a chandelier, or some artwork to make your closet feel like a special space.

You can also incorporate some of your favorite accessories or jewelry into the display to add a personal touch. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your closet a reflection of your personal style.

This owner had a love for Pokemon, and he and his son collected them.  We wanted to incorporate these and display them since they brought him much joy.

before and after closet

For her, she had a lot of beautiful handbags, accessories, and hats.  The products we used put them on display giving her that luxurious look and feel.  We tossed all of the shoe boxes as they took up space.


walk in closet organizer


before and after closet


before and after closet


The best part of any project is seeing/hearing about their reactions.  While we were there to see her reactions, she sent this message after the first day:

“I am so blown away already!!!! Holy Moly!!!!! It’s looking amazing!!!!!”

She followed up with this on the next day:

“First of all- WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! I am so blown away by everything you did! Thank you SO much!  Now I need to hire you for the rest of our house.”

She topped it off by adding this review which brought tears to my eyes:

“Marie was absolutely amazing to work with. She led every step of the way, and the results were above and beyond my expectations. I honestly cannot believe how beautiful our primary closet is now- but that’s not even the best part. It’s FUNCTIONAL. Upon seeing her completed work, my husband and I were afraid it would be hard to keep up with, but Marie was way ahead of us. The systems she put in place are so easy to manage. I LOVE having a place for every single item- now there are no “drop zones” which can be tempting to revert back to for a working mom and dad with so much to juggle. I cannot wait to have Marie back to tackle new projects for us!”

If you’re ready to get your closet or any space in your home organized, send us a message, we would love to serve you!


With a well thought out and executed plan, you can maximize space in style a just one walk in organizer or multiple. Determining what your needs are and what will make it function the best will aide in making those decisions.

Make a plan, work the plan and watch the transformation unfold.


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