Maximizing Your Space: 7 Creative Garage Organization Storage Solutions


Garages are often filled with clutter, from boxes of old clothes to car parts and power tools. Finding a place for everything can be tricky, even if you have lots of storage space available. It’s a love/hate relationship.  Fortunately, there are plenty of garage organization storage solutions that can help you get organized and make […]

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Garages are often filled with clutter, from boxes of old clothes to car parts and power tools. Finding a place for everything can be tricky, even if you have lots of storage space available. It’s a love/hate relationship.  Fortunately, there are plenty of garage organization storage solutions that can help you get organized and make the most of your space. By following these tips and tricks, you can transform your garage into a tidy and functional workspace.

The garage quickly becomes the dropping zone of all the things before going into the house.  If there’s not a good system in place, the garage can spiral out of control.  With the right solutions, staying organized is a breeze.  There are a handful of garage organization solutions that we’re going to cover because spring is right around the corner.

Why I Love Organizing The Garage

One of my favorite areas to organize in the home is the garage, there are a few reasons why I love it.

  • It Affects Your Mood – If you have a garage, chances are you enter and exit your home through the garage.  Leaving the house in the morning and walking through a construction zone affects your mood whether you think about it consciously or not.  Seeing a scattered environment triggers the annoyance level starting the day off on the wrong foot.  Conversely, the same thing happens when you come home.  Let’s say you had an amazing day at work and can’t wait to share it with your family.  You open that garage zone and automatically have that “ugh I can’t stand this garage” which is taking away from your joyous day.
  • Optimizing Space – We have organized a lot of garages and the number one thing I will tell you that all of them have in common is space isn’t optimized.  Yes, many garages need a good purge but they also need a better system. There are plenty of products out there that can transform your garage to make it functional and fabulous at the same time.
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1. Make Use of Wall Space

One of the best ways to maximize space in your garage is to utilize the walls for storage. A wall-mounted system can help you keep tools and other items off the floor and within easy reach.

With a wall-mounted system, you can customize your garage storage by adding hooks, shelves, and baskets to accommodate different types of items.

For example, you could hang gardening tools on hooks while storing small nuts and bolts in bins on shelves. This type of storage is flexible and customizable, making it ideal for garages with varying storage needs. Plus, it keeps everything organized and visible so that you don’t have to dig through numerous boxes to locate what you need.

One of our most recommended solutions is the Rubbermaid Fastrack System.

garage organization ideas

2. Add Freestanding Shelves

“I regret adding a shelf.” said no one.  It’s usually “I should’ve added this a year ago.”  Shelving creates vertical space, it utilizes the empty space there and gets things off the floor.

Garage organization storage solutions that include adding shelves almost always wins.  Items become visible and accessible, they’re easy to grab and easy to put away.  A win-win.

garage organization storage

There are two types of freestanding shelves.  One with solid shelving and the other with wire shelving.  The solid shelving typically costs more than the wire shelves.  They are also a bit more heavy-duty.

Wire shelves on the other hand are more affordable and still achieve the same goal. It will come down to budget and what you prefer to look at on a regular basis.

garage organization ideas


3. Make Use of Storage Bins

Storage bins will be the key to success in keeping items organized in the garage.  Being able to store like-for-like together in the same bin makes things accessible.  There are two types of storage bin options: bins with a lid and bins without one.

Storage bins

Using bins with a lid prevents items from getting dirty or dusty and keeps the critters away.  When selecting storage bins with lids, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it weatherproof?  If you are storing bins in the garage and live in North Dakota (my home state) you want to make sure the items are protected from the frigid winters.  Vice versa if you like in Florida where humidity runs rampant.
  • What color do you want?  Clear/opaque bins allow you to see what’s in there versus solid bins that conceal the items.  Decide your preference.

Bins without a lid make it easier to access items.  The drawback is items can get dusty and dirt can make its way in there.

4. Utilize Stackable Storage Bins

Stack and win.  Stackable bins are a great garage organization storage solution.  They are versatile and allow all of those odds-and ends items to be neatly contained.

Not all stackable bins are created equal, check out this guide to make sure you get the right ones.

garage organization storage

5. Park Bikes In A Stand

Bikes are a cumbersome product.  They have excellent health benefits and make memorable moments for the family.  Storing them, however, can be difficult because of their size.

Using a bike stand is great for families and those who bike frequently.  While my preference is to store bikes on the wall, it’s not functional for kids because it’s hard for them to do.  Plus, if you are a frequent bike rider, putting the bike back up on the wall is a bit more challenging than parking it in a bike stand.

Bike stands are great for kids because they are effortless.  All they have to do is park it on the stand.

6. Add A Sports Organizer

If you have kids that play travel sports or any type of sport for that matter, you understand the amount of gear that is associated with it.

Sports gear comes in all different shapes and sizes from baseball bats to basketballs.  Using a sports organizer designated for that type of gear makes it easy to access and getting to practice on time becomes the new norm.

sports organizer

7. Attach Shelves To The Wall

Inches matter and when it comes to shelves, attaching them to the wall vs. freestanding adds up quickly.  Giving you more space and the opportunity to optimize the wall.

Final Thoughts

The garage has so much unused potential and these garage organization storage solutions can change the game for you in your garage. Optimize the space you have a become a garage connoisseur.

Want expert eyes on your garage and live in Charlotte, NC?  Schedule your free consultation today!



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