Shoe Organization Ideas For Your Home


Whether you are a shoe lover or not, shoes are an integral part of our daily lives.  If you live somewhere where you experience multiple seasons, you have a variety of shoes.  Flip-flops aren’t going to cut it in the winter and wearing winter boots in the summer will make you sweat.  Regardless of where […]

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Whether you are a shoe lover or not, shoes are an integral part of our daily lives.  If you live somewhere where you experience multiple seasons, you have a variety of shoes.  Flip-flops aren’t going to cut it in the winter and wearing winter boots in the summer will make you sweat.  Regardless of where you live, keeping your shoes organized makes your life easier.  Here are some shoe organization ideas for your home.

shoe organization ideas

The very first thing that needs to happen when getting your shoes organized is deciding where they are going to be stored.  If you don’t allow shoes in your home, having an organizer in the garage or entryway will be the most ideal location.  Next, you’ll want to measure the space to see how much space you have and what can fit there.

With exception to flip-flops and flats, shoes tend to be bulky making them challenging to organize.  Storing them vertically is the best option.  It creates more space and allows you to look at them all at once.

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Shoe Organization Ideas

Shoe Organizer

This shoe organizer works great for keeping shoes neatly organized.  The slots allow for one pair of shoes to fit each compartment for a total of twelve shoes.  If you have young kids, you can fit two pairs of shoes in there, same concept applies to sandals and flats.

It’s pretty straightforward and easy to access.  There are quite a few different ways to use this organizer.  You can storage it horizontally where you have four compartments on the bottom or you can store it vertically with three compartments on the bottom.

If you store it horizontally, you can add a storage bin on the top to organize hats, flip-flops, etc.

This is our shoe organization system.  One section is for the kids, one for my husband, and the other for myself.  Sneakers can fit into one section although it’s easier to put each shoe in it’s own compartment.  In order to make an adult pair of shoes fit in the section, the shoes have to be opposite of one another.

shoe organization ideas

Vertical storage allows you to store them on top of one another if you have more than one.

Shoe organization ideas


Small Drop-Front Shoe Box









This small drop-front shoe box  stacks neatly giving you a nice cohesive look and feel, which is the ultimate goal of organization.  The drop front lid makes it easy to see what’s stored in there and easy to access.  The lid prevents dust from getting on the shoes.  These bins work great for sneakers, flats, and flip-flops.

The advantage to using these drop-down boxes is you can get what you need without having to shuffle around a variety of bins.

Premium Stacking Bin









If you are looking for shoe organizers that can upgrade your closet without breaking the bank, this one’s for you.  The acrylic material adds style and function to a space.

These bins stack neatly so you can store multiple pairs of shoes.  There is also a tall stacking bin which gives you the flexibility of organizing a variety of sizes of shoes together.  You can store your boots, heels, sneakers all in one place.

You can add these to your closet or keep them in the entryway.  The regular bin fits neatly underneath the bed where you can keep them stored too.

They are also extremely durable making them last for years to come.

Case pricing is available, win win.

Shoe Box









If you are a shoe lover striving for affordability and style, this shoe box will accommodate that.  The clear view helps you find the shoes you need.  You can neatly organize all of your shoes and showcase them, giving you a visual representation of your artwork 😉

This box is portable and allows you to grab and go if you need to bring a pair of shoes with you.  These boxes work well if you have shoes that don’t get worn year round and you want to keep them dust free.

The beauty of these bins is they can be used to organize a variety of things in your home, not just shoes.  They come in case pricing too, giving you a better bang for your buck.   Made from polypropylene, making them last for years to come.

These bins have over 1,000 five-star reviews on The Container Store, they clearly work!

Shoe Shelf

Last but not least is getting a shoe shelf to organize all of your shoes.  This shoe rack can hold fifty pairs of shoes, maybe more depending on the shoe size and type.

Shelves are a convenient way to create more space, give you instant access, and allow you to see everything at once.  They are great for grab and go scenarios, you can grab a pair of shoes quickly with one hand and put them away just the same way.

They are a favorite for many people out there as this shelf has over 3,000 reviews on Amazon.


If you have kids, the best option is to use an organizer that has easy access without any lids.  Lids for kids are cumbersome, the easier the better.

Individual compartments work great because it teaches them to but the shoes away in one hole.  Also, if your child suffers from ADD, shoe organizers with slots gives them structure which is nice because they’re already scattered as it is.

Another option is to use a large bin were they all can be contained.  These stylish bins fit nicely in the home.  They can be kept in your childs room, in the den, or the entryway.


Having your shoes neatly organized not only looks nice but makes your day run smoother because you can find your shoes.  It’s irritating when a shoe goes missing.

Figure out how many shoes you have, where it makes sense to organize it, and decide which organizer suits you best.

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